13-17 January 2021
instruktor – CHAS PERRY
place: Wolimierz, Poland

After completing all of the above courses, i.e. CST I, CST II, SER I, and SER II, therapists can participate in two ‘advanced’ courses of the CranioSacral Therapy.

Advanced I CST

This course offers an amazing self-development opportunity for an experienced CST practitioner. During a five-day intensive but intimate course, participants work in a group of ten people. The course is taught by qualified and experienced instructors. The main teacher, who is an Upledger Institute instructor, divides participants into two groups of five. Each morning begins with a discussion, which is followed by giving and receiving therapy. Each session is supervised to ensure that participants receive technical and practical support from the instructors.

Advanced II CST

This course is structured in a similar fashion as Advanced I CST course described above. After completing module V and VI, participants receive a Certificate signed by the Upledger Institute, authorizing them to take further courses in Poland as well as in all Upledger Institute’s satellites worldwide.