module I – five-day course
instructor: instructor Upledger Institute International

dates: 3-7.03.2021, 16-20.10.2021

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Content of the course:

– palpation
– three body rhythms – cardiac, respiratory and craniosacral pulse
– fascia as a whole-body system – diaphragm system – techniques for releasing pelvic, respiratory, upper thoracic inlet and occipital cranial base diaphragm
– flexion and extension of the craniosacral rhythm
– still-point induction using CV4 technique
– direction of energy
– craniosacral system as a semi-closed hydraulic system
– vertical and horizontal intracranial membrane system
– differentiating between osseous and membranous restrictions
– traction of the craniosacral system
– frontal lift technique
– parietal lift technique
– compression/decompression of the sphenoid
– temporal mobilization technique along two axes of movement
– evaluation of the dural tube – traction, therapy
– temporomandibular joint – function, neurology, therapy
– 10-step protocol

After completing this course, participants receive a Certificate signed by the Upledger Institute, authorizing them to take further courses in Poland as well as in all Upledger Institute’s satellites worldwide. Completion of CST I authorizes participants to sign up for the second module CST II.