module III – five-day course
instructor: John Page DO, CST-D, MCSS

7-11 october 2020

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  1. Completed CST I and CST II.

SER is a therapeutic process that allows for the expression of emotions saved in the tissue memory. Emotional release helps patients access the unconscious causes of pain or history of disease.

Content of the course:
– Inner Physician
– getting to know the concept
– Energy Cyst
– developing the concept, methods of locating and releasing the cyst from the body
– Avenue of Expression – getting to know the concept and techniques
– tissue memory, tissue unwinding
– getting to know the concept – SER – SomatoEmotional Release
– developing the concept – Dialoguing/Conversation – principles and practice
– Dialoguing and Imaging in the context of the SER process
– Vectoring – neurological techniques
– Significance Detector – stop of the craniosacral rhythm

After completing this course, participants receive a Certificate signed by the Upledger Institute, authorizing them to take further courses in Poland as well as in all Upledger Institute’s satellites worldwide. Completion of SER I authorizes participants to sign up for the fourth module SER II and Pediatric course.