module IV – four-day course
date: 6-9 january 2022
instructor: Diego Maggio D.O., CST-D
price: 3300 PLN brutto

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  1. Completed UI International courses – CST I, CST II and SER I.

SER II begins with a practical review of the Avenue of Expression techniques taught during CST II and further developed during SER I. The purpose of the review is to prepare the participants for working in groups, where each party takes a role of a patient and a therapist. In both cases, a relaxed speech apparatus is very helpful. Then, participants learn techniques that may help patients develop the awareness of their Inner Physician. SER II course offers the possibility of gaining a better, more holistic understanding of another person.

Content of the course:

– history, concept, and therapeutic process in the context of Psychosynthesis, Gestalt, and Jungian psychology
– practical application of the elements of Psychosynthesis, Gestalt, and Jungian psychology to SER, Therapeutic Imaging and Dialoguing
– another take on the Avenue of Expression work (including, among other things, hyoid, TMJs, throat, hard palate, vomer) to free up the speech apparatus
– Imaging – methods of eliciting an image, maintaining the image, accompanying the patient during the image work
– 10-step protocol for imaging and dialoguing
– Significance Detector – a stop of the craniosacral rhythm, developing the palpatory skills

After completing this course, participants receive a Certificate signed by the Upledger Institute, authorizing them to take further courses in Poland as well as in all Upledger Institute’s satellites worldwide. Completion of SER II authorizes participants to sign up for the fifth module ADVANCED I.