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General Course Rules

  1. To apply for the course, the participant must fill out the Enrolment Form available at upledgerinstitute.pl and then send it to the sponsor.
  2. To book a place, the participant must pay an advance fee of PLN 1000 within 14 days after sending an enrolment form. The rest of a charge (amount depends on the class) must be paid not later then 30 days before the start of the course at the latest.
  3. The advance fee and payment dates are binding. Failure to pay the remainder of the course fee within 30 business days will mean that the participant has withdrawn from the course, in which case the advance payment will not be refunded.
  4. For bank account details, please look at the email that you will receive after sending the Enrolment Form.
  5. The participant will be enrolled to the list of participants upon payment of the advance fee to the organizer’s bank account.
  6. The participant has the right to withdraw from the course and receive a refund of the full advance fee, if withdrawal from the course occurs earlier than 30 days before the start of the course.
  7. To withdraw, please write an e-mail to: limbicus.limbicus@gmail.com. The date of the e-mail is the date of withdrawal.
  8. The organiser is responsible for providing: training room with workstations equipped with plinths, printed training materials, i.e. a study guide, and translation services for the duration of the course.
  9. The organiser does not provide transport to the place of training, boarding or lodging.
  10. The organiser reserves the right to cancel the course and refund the full course fee up to 21 days before the start of the course.
  11. The organiser reserves the right to change the dates of the course. If, however, the participant cannot participate in the newly scheduled course, the organiser will refund any payments made by the participant.
  12. The participant who signed and sent the Enrolment Form agrees to the above General Course Rules, financial conditions, and course dates. Any provisions not regulated by these General Course Rules will be governed by the provisions of the Civil Code.