COURSE: UPLEDGER CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY II module II – five-day course instructor: John Page DO, CST-D, MCSS price: 810 dollars date: 27.02.-03.03.2019 – no vacancies
next CST2 class february/march 2020


application form Requirements:

  • Completed CST I.
  • Completion of 100 ‘10-step protocols’ to develop therapeutic skills.

The second-level course begins by studying occipital cranial bone dysfunctions and presenting ways of perceiving, diagnosing and treating these dysfunctions using techniques designed by William Sutherland – the father of cranial osteopathy. Content of the course: – cranial dysfunctions therapy – hard palate dysfunction therapy – Whole Body Evaluation – Arcing technique – Fascial Glide – Facilitated Segments – Energy Cyst – Significance Detector – Regional Tissue Release – discussion of the principles of the therapy including elements of SomatoEmotional Release (SER) After completing this course, participants receive a Certificate signed by the Upledger Institute, authorizing them to take further courses in Poland as well as in all Upledger Institute’s satellites worldwide. Completion of CST II authorizes participants to sign up for the third module SER I.